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Denver Italian Restaurant Panzano's Sustainable Practices

Chef Elise and the Panzano staff want you to know that we are committed to using organic, local and naturally raised food products wherever possible while maintaining the quality and flavors that you have come to expect at Panzano. Additionally, sustainable practices are employed wherever possible while maintaining value and efficiency in the restaurant.
  • Nearly 100 percent of our food is organic, including the steaks, flours, grains, produce, salad greens, chocolate and more.
  • Our coffee and espresso is certified fair-trade and sustainable from the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Our hot and iced teas are organic.
  • The chicken is sourced from the first organic chicken ranch in the country, Petaluma Poultry.
  • Our steak, lamb and mushrooms are naturally raised, organic and locally sourced.
  • We serve only seafood that has been approved by SeafoodWatch.com.
  • Where possible, we have placed our lights on a timer or motion sensitive light switches.
  • We recycle paper, glass, cardboard, plastics and aluminum.
  • Our cleaning products are biodegradable and some are made from microorganisms.
  • The fryer oil is recycled as bio-diesel.
  • We carry many organic and locally made wines, beers, and liquors.
  • The to-go containers are made from sugarcane and much of the other packing is biodegradable and compostable. Our supplier for these products use delivery trucks that run on biodiesel or natural gas.
  • The cocktail picks used in the bar are made from bamboo.