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The Eight Best Italian Restaurants for Handmade Pasta in Denver
11-16-2015 |
Chef Elise Wiggins has presided over downtown's top pasta palace for more than ten years, giving stability and consistency to a menu that has managed to stay ahead of trends while preserving traditional methods.
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The Leftovers: Transforming Your Thanksgiving Turkey into Turkey Gumbo
November 2015 |
Our Thanksgiving gatherings are always loud and fun, and because everyone in my family is competitive and loves to cook, we all make a dish, and then we use the leftovers to make a gumbo,” says Wiggins, who was born and raised in Louisiana, the state where the thick soup originated. Making gumbo, she says, “is just what we always did, and it’s so incredibly delicious that it’s become part of our post-Thanksgiving repertoire."
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19 Denver Chefs Reveal Their Secret Food Indulgences
11-12-2015 |
"When I'm driving on road trips, I love to eat crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos. I just love the crunch in tandem with the sharp fake cheddar flavor."
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White Truffles Porn: Monster Alba Truffles at Panzano
10-28-2015 |
Chef Elise Wiggins of Panzano's is hard at work incorporating some of the giant white truffles her kitchen just received from Alba, Italy. If you go at brunch, the truffled omelette with mushroom, spinach, and fontina should hit the spot.
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Panzano Offers a Rare Truffle Treat From Piedmont, Italy
10-28-2015 |
The best way to experience the unique flavor of white truffles, she explains, is over a dish of Piedmontese tajarin pasta, which Panzano is making fresh with nothing but egg yolks and 00 flour. The tajarin is dressed with sweet melted butter, a little Parmigiano Reggiano, "and then we make it rain truffles," Wiggins says. "It's almost a sin to serve it with anything else."
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The Best Restaurants in Denver Right Now
October 2015 |
Year after year, week after week, from dawn to dark, Chef Elise Wiggins and her team put their egos on the back burner and their hearts on the line to make killer bread and pasta from scratch, nail classics like veal scallopini and brunch time strata, whip up elegant specials, design gluten-free alternatives, host a daily happy hour and pig roasts on the weekend, and basically take such good care of us that we really should remember to bring them flowers and candy next time.
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30 Under 30
Rockstars Redefining the Industry
10-19-2015 | Zagat
“I’ve become a leader and really developed my skills at Panzano,” adds Zuri Resendiz, who also chalks up his success to “creativity, curiosity and making great plates that make people happy and create unforgettable moments.”
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Why Fresh Citrus
October 2015 |
“I love to use fresh citrus throughout the year. Whether it’s lemons, oranges or limes, citrus can brighten and add liveliness to a heavier dish or add a complimentary note to a symphony of flavors. I can’t think of any dish that couldn’t benefit from a little citrus.”
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10 Things You Need to Know About Elise Wiggins
October 2015 | Dining Out
The award-winning chef of one of the best restaurants in Denver is as down-to-earth as they come. Elise Wiggins has been executive chef at Panzano in the Monaco Hotel downtown since 2004. Since, it’s taken up tenure in the hearts of critics and locals alike, earning top accolades from 5280 magazine, Zagat, and others.
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Gridiron Grill: Smokey Olive and Cheddar Biscuits
9-25-2015 |
Chef Elise Wiggins from Panzano shows us how to make Smokey Olive and Cheddar Biscuits.
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Gridiron Grill: Fried Brussels Sprouts
9-18-2015 |
Chef Elise Wiggins from Panzano & Ken Lanier show us how to make Fried Brussels Sprouts.
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Gridiron Grill: Spicy Mini Whiskey Sausages
9-11-2015 |
Chef Elise Wiggins from Panzano shows us how to make Spicy Mini Whiskey Sausages.
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The 11th Annual Denver Food and Wine
9-9-2015 | KWGN.COM
Panzano Wine Pairing Dinner Featuring celebrity Chef Rick Tramonto and Panzano Executive Chef Elise Wiggins.
6 pm - Panzano’s - 909 17th Street,
Denver, Reservations: 303-296-3525
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An Elegant Italian Dinner For Two At Panzano
8-11-2015 | Seriously Natural
A dinner for two is always a treat to parents as they are finally the center of attention. It takes a few moments to realize this experience is all about the two of you but when it sinks in you want to savor every moment. read more 

The 11 Best Italian Restaurants in Denver
8-04-2015 | Thrillist
Panzana offers a wholeheartedly Italian dining experience that may make you feel like you need to call a meeting of the Five Families just to brag about all the good food you ate.
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14 Must-Try Romantic Restaurants in Denver
7-29-2015 | Vacation Idea
Chef Elise Wiggins’ menu reflects the flavors of Northern Italy with an impressive array of distinctive dishes, such as Crespelle ai Funghi (crépes with mushrooms and white truffle oil) and Capesante (scallops with spinach and ricotta). In addition to the impressive menu, Panzano offers regular specials while the bar serves great wine, Colorado beers and craft cocktails.
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Brunch at Panzano is a Posh Affair
7-20-2015 | Westword
This timeless Italian rendezvous has been garnering accolades a Mile High since opening more than fifteen years ago. And like a fine wine, this is one spot that only gets better with age.

Thanks to you, Panzano is a Winner
The entire Panzano team is honored to be named into TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, having consistently earned top ratings from TripAdvisor travelers over the past 5 years. Thank you to our loyal fans and customers for your continued patronage and support.

Cooking with Fire
7-7-2015 | Examiner
Everything from pizza to bread, paninis, crostatas and even bruschetta and mussels spend time in the inferno of an Italian stone oven. “Our kitchen is fully on display,” says Chef and Owner Elise Wiggins.
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The Best Happy Hour in Downtown Denver: Panzano
5-30-2015 | Colorado Bites
If any of you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE a good happy hour. And I’ve been to a lot of them. There’s probably not a place downtown I haven’t tried for happy hour. So I think I’m in a pretty good position to judge (or at least recommend) the best happy hour in downtown Denver.
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Chef Paul C. Reilly’s Perfect Day of Food
5-28-2015 | Dining Out
Reillly lets us in on his happy hour secret: “It’s a little known fact that you can basically get the whole dinner menu during happy hour at Panzano. Housemade pastas and Italian white wine is my jam.”
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10 Most Influential Female Chefs in Denver
5-8-2015 |
Elise Wiggins - Executive chef, Panzano
Words of wisdom for aspiring female chefs: Don't let a traditional upbringing of being told not to be be vocal or physical about what you want deter you from pursuing your dreams. If you want to be a chef, then just do it.
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And the Front of the House Winners Are …
4-14-2015 | Dining Out
First Place: Jose Rubido - Panzano
Jose has been with the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group for six years, transferring to Denver from Atlanta four years ago to join the team at Panzano.
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Best Italian Restaurant (2015)
3-1-2015 | Westward
Panzano may be located in the Hotel Monaco, but this is not your usual hotel restaurant. Unless, that is, your usual hotel restaurant happens to be in northern Italy.
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8 Must-Try Pasta Dishes in Denver
2-17-2015 | Zagat
Pastiche from Panzano - "Chef Elise Wiggins's soulful and satisfying skillet-baked pastiche, an intersection of layered sheets of cheese tortellini, spicy meatballs, ragù and cinnamon custard, is topped with a savory thyme-scented puffed crust that's the crowning touch on the updated casserole."
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12 Best Chef's Counters in Denver
1-29-2015 | West Word, Best of Denver
" it up in the elegant, yet comfortable dining room that specializes in perfectly prepared northern Italian cuisine. The best place to enjoy it? The sleek chef's counter that faces a kitchen big enough to accommodate Wiggins's outsized talent and personality."
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TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, Five Time Winner Certificate of Excellence - 2010-2015
Westword Best Italian Restaurant - 2015
Dining Out Denver's Best Server, First Place - 2015
Denver Life Best Cooking Class, Second Place - 2015
AAA Four Diamond Award
- 2010 to present
Winner of FEAST Vail Best Bite – 2014
OpenTable Diner’s Choice Award – 2013